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A quick thanks and a fangirl moment--
First off, I wanna thank you guys for the inspiring comments yesterday. I'm honestly really scared right now because I don't know what to do.. for a moment I thought about deactivating my deviantart... I decided not too after I read all the comments. I love each and every one of you guys... I can always count on you all to be there when I really need you... I don't even need to say anything... I could post a depressing picture on here and you guys would be yelling at me to make sure I was ok X'D
You guys are the greatest friends I could ever hope and wish for... Thank you for all your support <3<3
I also wanted to bring something else up--
My old account Hanna-the-Pirate-Fox has almost 150, but it's dead--
Imma be doing a 100 watcher raffle ones it gets there and I'll do an art contest as soon as I hit 50 ..
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Going to try and be more active from now on. The project I'm working on isn't finished but I have plenty of spare time. I'll try and upload whilst I can.
Wow, lol - my new laptop's here, but I can't install MS5 right now because there's no DVD drive. It's pretty annoying but I'll be back soon. I'm not dead yet.
The program I use for my pictures on DA isn't doing so well atm. Sometimes it's okay, other times it simply falls apart. I'll have to scan my laptop for any viruses in case the program got corrupted by one (or even something else). But I may become inactive for a while. None of my projects in progress have been lost though. Sorry :(
I've been inactive for the week so I haven't got round to anything. I'm working on the requested group picture and some fan art at the same time, but they're both on my PC (which I'm not on) so I can't really upload them... Yet.
Recently, a lot of people I know of have been going through hard times as well as sharing their feelings a little more, which I have too been through as not long ago, I touched some sensitive topics where I'd been mistreated at least once. Then this popped up, and I decided I had to tell the truth about what happened as I do have a habit of being mysterious, and... Not many people know as well. Just please, please, PLEASE don't ask me about this any further. This is a true story, and it's the reason why I despise Minecraft griefers. Out of all the scars I've had as a player, this one stood out the most.

Early 2013 since I don't remember the exact date: I was introduced to three different servers - A, B, and C. A shut down after my first visit mysteriously. B is the server I'll talk about. C I'll introduce later.  The first time I went on B, I was shown around a massive, beautiful town a friend of mine built. She introduced me to some of the staff, helped me build and understand the concept of servers. Then one day, I was introduced to server C. I only realised it later that I was introduced to it because one of the staff on B was going through a crisis, and was blaming my friend for everything that was happening. I don't know exactly why, but I only remember "can't let Thatsmusic99 know."

Then one night, I had a nightmare where the town was completely destroyed by three individuals: the staff member himself and two other players. I just blew this over as a dream, because I'd seen way worse.

Not long later, I and my friend joined server C a second time (I wasn't as much of a Minecraft player) until the server restarted. We went on server B, but then, after I joined, I was told that my friend was BANNED, but unbanned for the cruelest reason, which I saw why before I was even told she was unbanned: the town was completely demolished. Simply, she was banned to stop stopping the griefers who wrecked it. Then unbanned to see what the damage had done.

I will say now: it wasn't just a few puny blocks which I had a fit about. It was literally TENS OF THOUSANDS, either placed, edited or destroyed. This included lava as well. That wasn't the only issue: the wreckage was done by three individuals, one of them - and the leader - the cranky staff member. By his side was another staff member and the SERVER OWNER.

By then, I promised my friend I was going to fix everything. I was still a scrawny kid and I didn't know what I was asking for, but I still did it. That wasn't the end of everything that happened though.

At one point, I was supported by a friendly staff member who ranked me up and helped me bring back the town. But one day, something snapped in him as one day he joined and yelled at me to abandon the destroyed town and join his instead. I refused, and at one point he flared up so much he damaged it EVEN MORE. Of course, he wasn't the only staff member against me fixing a destroyed town.

There was another one, who would swing his ban hammer around so drunkly it would ban anyone without a good reason. One day, he joined whilst I was on and asked me about the town as well. I explained what I was doing, and after telling me for so long to abandon the town, he banned me for "f- you ;)", but shortly after unbanned me. Not long later, I fixed a glitch in some floating carpet, which destroyed the carpet around me. Suddenly he accused me of hacks, and I started asking him what type of hacks. But still, he banned me and unbanned me ten minutes later for "hacking and lying to staff".

Then server B shut down.

Once it did, I was left stranded with no where to go, at least until I remembered server C a year later. Upon joining it, I was depressed and still plagued by everything that happened, but slowly, I began to heal as I interacted more with the players and staff, who didn't ban me for "hacking". And a year after rejoining, I was promoted as staff and to a loyal Co-Owner.

Some people, in fact, may know server C as Lucid Dreams.

Of course, some people have wondered what it's like as TM the Ban Hammer, the fighter of griefers. Well, here's your explanation. If I hadn't become a member of Lucid, then I would still be bleeding. Sometimes, it still hurts. But I'd also like to thank everyone who's been by my side when I've been at my worst. I'm a pain in the neck and I know, which I can't help. Not to mention, the town I promised to fix never got fixed.

And it was because of how I'd been treated.

However it wasn't all in all depressing. I'd obviously found Lucid, which had saved me from far, far worse. Of course I've had my moments where I'd either freak out or get real angry, those are completely different stories, some of those quite sad as well. But I can say, this one won me, no question.


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I'm Thatsmusic99, a DeviantArtist who of course loves to draw in manga/anime style, but at the same time a Minecrafter, young mathematician and game designer. I'm still a teenager so it's not like I do anything too big right now.

If you want to keep an eye on my art, please do watch, any feedback you want to give, please do give! (Keep in mind constructive criticism is allowed, but any mean comments will be removed.)

~ Requests are opened to friends only. ~
~ Requests on my art I will ignore. I will only accept requests that are made on the comment section of my profile. ~

And of course whilst you're at it... mind taking a look at some of my art? :D <3

And also be sure to take a look at some of my friends and watchers' work. They're all awesome people!



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